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This week, I am participating in a “blog hop.” The idea is much like a chain letter. Sally Smith and Jean Steffens tagged me and two other writers last week. Donis Casey tagged them the previous week. You can find their past posts at and
Before my tags, the interview questions. In turn, I am tagging two talented writers I know, Marsha Sandoval and Leslie Kohler.

1. What am I working on now? In addition to promoting my first book, Here Lies Buried, I am also compiling a short story collection, Heavy Mascara. By far, this has been an interesting year. Not only keeping up with my writing, but learning what does and does not work in the book promotion world. Everything you’ve heard about “writing the book was the easy part” is true. Fine-tuning your book marketing plan is as important as bringing your book to print. I started blogging, participating on Facebook and Twitter, update my website regularly, and look for publicity opportunities. I have book signings in the next few weeks, as well as working with Dana King-Esquez in two writing workshops. In addition to writing and promoting, I continue to work full time at my accounting and tax business. It’s a busy life.

2. How does my work differ from other books in its genre? I cannot say that my book is very different from other mystery novels in that other authors use the history and genealogy in their stories. Having said that, I try to provide a sampling of historical events. I hope to intrigue my readers on the subject to want to learn more. One of my childhood joys was discovery, whether it was that the English start numbering their floors on our second floor, or that hotels don’t have a thirteenth floor. The mystery is central, but the peripheral events with subsequent true facts, are important for going beyond the who-dun-it.

3. Why do I write what I do? That’s a funny thing. I plain enjoy creating characters around the imaginary worlds I see in my head. Sometimes I want to burn off steam over an incident that happened to me or to someone I know. Other times, I explore a current or political issue within my fictional world. In Here Lies Buried, I consolidated dysfunctional individuals I’ve known over the years into a tightly knit group of characters, and then mapped my way through to find out how they would react to an outside agent, such as Pilar.

4. How does my writing process work? Once I get an idea, I start writing at the first opportunity. Other times, I make an outline to write later. The outline is not to self-discipline, but to help me remember what might be lost over time if I went strictly from memory. The outline keeps me from indulging tangents that I used to do often. While all that meandering through the story might be interesting, it detracts from the plot, and ends up sounding like a memoir instead of a mystery. To keep on track if I get a new idea, I make a note to use in a different story. I don’t need to squeeze everything I know into one book.

Now for the tags:


Tag, you’re it!

Marsha Sandoval

About the Author
MK Sandoval has held a real estate license 36 years. The Great Recession of 2008 prompted her to begin work on her first comedy fiction novel about a real estate broker who starts a call girl business for other struggling agents in order to survive the implosion of the industry. Her first book in the Niki Brooks mystery series was published in 2013. Sandoval wanted to reach others who are struggling through hard economic hard times hoping to inspire them in some way. Humor can help anyone get through the day! Sandoval lives in Chandler, Ariz., with her husband of 30 years. They share three children, one-daughter-in-law, three grandchildren, and two Yorkies. She is now at work on her second Niki Brooks adventure. More information can be found at

Cat House

“Niki Brooks’ life is crumbling beneath her Manolo-clad feet.
As a Luxury Home Real Estate Broker trying to survive one of the worst bubble bursts in thirty years, she is barely hanging on. With her own house under threat of foreclosure and her retirement holdings worthless, Niki thinks “outside the house” for a way to survive and decides selling fornication instead of foreclosures will be more steady—and more lucrative—income. But her new clandestine life as The Real Estate Madam is not just bordellos and bundles of cash. Almost immediately, Niki discovers that life on the seedy side of the sex-for-sale trade can be very challenging—and dangerous.

Is the jealous wife of one of her clients going to succeed in sending her to The Big House? Could one of her girls be out to sabotage her business? Will her evil competitor follow through on her threat to run Niki out of town? What about the psycho-stalker ex-husband of one of her escorts? Will he actually pull the trigger the next time he shoves a gun in her face? Or could the mystery man following her around town—the one she calls Tall, Dark and Has Some, for obvious reasons—be interested in more than her charms?

Niki’s journey will take her to a place she never expected and to where she never wanted to be—but it will also lead her on a path of forgiveness and love, which is where everyone wants to be.”
7/07 – Check out Marsha’s Post at:

Also, tag you’re it!

Leslie Kohler
Leslie photo

About the Author

Leslie Kohler, author of “Sins of the Border” and the recently released, “Disposable Lives,” is a professional writer whose work has been published in magazines and newspapers, such as Highlights for Children, Skipping Stones, Listen, Positive Teens, the Arizona Republic, and her short story, Shadow of Darkness, appeared in Sisters In Crime Desert Sleuths 2011 Anthology, SoWest, So Wild. Leslie lives in Phoenix, Arizona where she is at work on her next installment for the Disposable Lives series.

Disposable Lives
Disposable Lives

Maggie Leman leads a fairytale life in California’s Newport Beach. When she finds an $899 environmental Miu Mo satchel stuffed into her husband’s golfing bag, with a sexalacious note to My Bridget, Maggie’s so mad she wants to kill her husband. Instead, she scrawls I AM NOT A PLASTIC BAG onto the over-priced tote.

When cheating golfer husbands are getting knocked off in sleazy motels with Miu Mo’s next to their bodies, Maggie’s childish scrawl makes her murder suspect Number One.
Fearing slapped onto a jailhouse slab, Maggie mounts her own investigation. Seems Newport blue blood is tinged with red. And this crimson tide may bleed from the Travellers–modern day gypsies who will stop at nothing to win their deadly con games.

Can Maggie stop this poisonous flow? Or will she become the next victim?

Please visit her website at and on her blog



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